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Work Clothing and Bicycle Commuting

Most bicycle commuters can’t wear their bicycle clothing at work. I know there are a few of us lucky enough to get away with it, however for most of us the logistics of showing up at work with unwrinkled, unsoiled, fresh smelling clothing is a challenge.

A bicycle commuter has three options.
1. Ride into work in your work clothing (for the lucky ones)
2. Pack your work clothing and tote it with you, change into it when you arrive at work.
3. Stash your work clothing at work; change into it when you arrive at work.

Number 1, Riding to work in your work clothing
This will work for some work environments, short distance commutes (~5KM), super cycling weather and easy pace ride.

Number 2, Packing your work clothing to carry with you and changing into it at work. I ride 10 KM each way in Hyderabad and carrying my clothing. This (number 2) is my method. I have worked out a process for having the formals at office

What I back-pack every day to work:
• Work formals (with fresh pair of inner garments)
• Lunch box
• my bicycle light + lock + other biking accessories

What I’ve at work store:
• Formal shoes (1 black + 1 brown)
• Perfume , liquid soap, napkin (of course made of cloth, environmental friendly)

I don’t speed to work as we don’t have shower at work, and I don’t want to soil my formals during transition. After I reach work place I then go to a changing place (thanks to our facilities team who got this for us) change into formals. Then have face wash to wipe off any dust collected. Phew! I feel great! There is something magic about a good bike ride and walk in the morning.

When I leave the office, I change into my bike clothing and the spare T-shirt in the office restroom. Put on my helmet, a quick check of the bike and I am off. What a great way to travel.

Number 3, Stash your clothing at work
I have a friend who commutes to work by bike 4 days a week. One day a week he commutes by car and stocks up a storeroom of work clothing. He packs a big duffel bag with work clothing for the week. He also times himself on his commute. Guess, if you want to have speed, you keep it light.
If you want to travel light, don't want to pack your clothes everyday, or have to look real sharp at work you may opt to keep a wardrobe in the office.

Final recommendations

No one option is the right solution I recommend you experiment. Try a combination of any of the three. For a short or moderate commute distance you may be able wear your work pants and just change your top when you arrive. I have been thinking about leaving my work shoes in my office. It’s a bit nuts to carry them with me every day. So I may be using a combination of option 2 and 3. Anyway each of our commutes and work environments is different. Let us know here at how you’re dealing with the issue of work clothing.

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Photo Credits: The Atlanta Foundation - Republic Ride2010